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Hierarchical Task Analysis

Below is the textual view of the hierarchical task analysis (HTA) about how to make a cup of tea:

0. In oreder to make a cup of tea
    1. Boil water
        1.1 Fill kettle
        1.2 Put kettle on stove
        1.3 Turn on
        1.4 Wait for kettle to boil
        1.5 Turn off gas
    2. Empty pot
    3. Make pot
        3.1 Warm pot
        3.2 Put tea leaves in pot
        3.3 Pour in boiling water
    4. Wait 4 or 5 minutes Continue reading 

WALL-E Film Summary

So, this is my first post in English. Thanks to the “Human-Computer Interaction” course at my school, I’ve finally took this chance.

In this post I’d like to summarize one of the ground-breaking animated film made by Pixar Studio. An animated film of which is not just “another” animated film. We’re talking about an Academy Award winning film, with one award for “Best Animated Feature” and 5 other nominations. I’m talking about “WALL-E”.

This 2008 film took us to the future, where the human civilization had vanished from the face of the earth. All that left is mountains of trash and WALL-E, a robot with its daily task as a trash compactor. One day, another robot named EVE visit the Earth on a mission to seek for plant, secure it, and send it to the mother ship where all the remaining human civilization settled. While on its mission, EVE and WALL-E meet and then become friends. WALL-E begin to grow romantic feelings towards EVE. And the rest of the film depict their journey to the mother ship and then save the Earth. Continue reading

[C/C++] Perkalian Matriks Menggunakan Pointer

Tampilan program (dengan Turbo C++ 4.5)

Pada komputer, perkalian matriks dapat dilakukan dengan beberapa cara. Cara yang paling banyak digunakan adalah dengan menggunakan larik (array) dua dimensi, di mana indeks larik menunjukkan posisi elemen pada matriks. Di sini, kita akan mengenal cara alternatif untuk melakukan perkalian matriks, yaitu dengan memanfaatkan pointer pada bahasa C/C++. Continue reading